Theingyi Zay Markett is the big market in Yangon

Said to be Yangon’s largest market, it gives visitors a chance to experience classic Yangon buildings and post-war structures, while browsing through more than 1,000 shops that peddle anything from rice and fish paste to herbs, medicines and toys.

History of bogyoke market

Bogyoke Market was built in 1926 when the British governed Myanmar, and although it is typically supposed to be named after James George Scott who was the British civil servant introduced football to Myanmar , it is actually named after the Municipal Commissioner , Mr. Gavin Scott.

What are the products of Yangon?

Despite Naypyidaw becoming Myanmar’s new Capital city in 2005, former-capital Yangon remains the country”s largest city and commercial center. As such, Yangon offers the best selection of Burmese finery, and is particularly famous for handicrafts such as lacquerware, tapestries, and precious stones.

Is Yangon worth a visit?

11 Best Things to do in Yangon, Myanmar (That Are Worth Doing …Yangon may seem rough on the edges but when you dig down and experience the culture, food and incredible sites first hand then you’ll start to love just how different and unique Yangon is, making it the perfect starting point for your Myanmar trip.

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