IronCross Band: Two VocaList

Iron Cross (Burmese: abbreviated as IC[1]) is a rock band in Myanmar formed by lead guitarist Saw Bwe Hmu. As of 2015, IC’s band members included Chit San Maung (lead guitarist), Khin Maung Thant (bass guitarist), Banyar Naing (keyboards player), and Kha Yan (drummer). Iron Cross has been featured in numerous studio albums for Myanmar’s singers. Lay Phyu, Myo Gyi, Ah Nge and Y Wine [my], who have since launched solo careers, remain IC’s lead vocalists.

The band’s symbol depicts an eagle and a metal cross, and is in a way, similar to the Parteiadler used as a Nazi party emblem. As a result, the international community in the past, kept an eye on the band. But lead guitarist Chit San Maung said that the band had not known the symbol was a taboo. IC has also toured globally, including United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and a few European countries to entertain overseas Burmese communities, or to fundraise for charities.

In 2008, they participated in a big event held in Japan, performing with different bands of ASEAN countries. In December 2008, in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, IC staged a concert fundraiser that entertained 50,000 fans, becoming Myanmar’s largest concert audience at that point. $100,000 were fundraised for the victims of the storm-hit areas.


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